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Nail files and buffers are essential tools for every manicure and pedicure. Used correctly, they can help to obtain healthy and well-groomed nails, both for natural ones and for those that have undergone reconstruction.

Nail files are available in different shapes and grits, depending on the type of nail and the desired effect. The most common files are those in the shape of a banana, crescent or horseshoe, but there are also those that are flat or square. The grain can vary from coarse to fine, depending on the stage of the work and the delicacy of the nail surface.

Nail buffers, on the other hand, are used to smooth and polish the nail surface. Again, there are different types of buffers, from the most delicate to the most abrasive ones. Using a nail buffer can help eliminate small imperfections on the nail surface and make it smoother and shinier.

As far as nail reconstruction is concerned, the use of files and buffers is essential to shape the reconstructed nail and make it similar to the natural one. Furthermore, the use of this equipment can help keep the nail reconstruction in perfect condition, preventing it from being damaged or detached.

Finally, files and nail buffers are also essential tools for applying semi-permanent nail polish. A smooth and polished nail surface can ensure better adhesion of the nail polish and a longer duration of the manicure.

In summary, the use of nail files and buffers is essential for obtaining healthy, well-groomed and long-lasting nails, both for manicures and pedicures. Whether it's natural or reconstructed nails, the use of this equipment is a must for every professional in the beauty sector.

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