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Professional aspirators for nail reconstruction

Teri is a company specialized in the production of professional nail dust collectors, offering solutions for the needs of nail artists, beauticians and beauty salons. Our dust collectors are designed to ensure effective dust extraction when filing nails, maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

The Teri product range includes tabletop and built-in nail dust collectors, both featuring powerful suction to ensure fast and efficient dust removal. Our dust collectors are also equipped with a HEPA filter, which guarantees clean air free from harmful particles.

The tabletop extractor is perfect for beauty salons and nail artists working on one workstation, providing powerful suction. The built-in extractor fan, on the other hand, is ideal for salons that want discreet extraction that is integrated into their furnishings.

Choosing a Teri aspirator means guaranteeing perfect cleaning when working with nails, with powerful and reliable products. Thanks to our experience and our attention to detail, we are able to offer high quality professional nail vacuum cleaners, with customized solutions for every need. For more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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