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Dust collectors

If you are looking for a professional nail dust collector, the Teri brand offers several options to choose from. The Teri Nail Dust Collector is designed to remove dust and particles during nail design, providing you with a clean and hygienic working environment.

The Teri nail dust collector is available in different versions, including the table dust collector and the built-in dust collector, according to your needs. With its powerful suction, the Teri nail vacuum can capture dust and acrylic powder, preventing it from spreading in the air and causing health problems.

Furthermore, the Teri nail dust collector is equipped with replaceable filters which, by retaining the aspirated particles, ensure effective elimination of dust and other residues generated by nail reconstruction.

Due to its power and effectiveness, the Teri Nail Dust Collector is the ideal choice for nail care professionals, providing a clean and safe working environment for you and your clients.

Buy the Teri nail dust collector now and ensure a hygienic and professional working environment during nail design.

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