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Milling cutters

If you are looking for a professional micromotor for your nail shop or nail care, you have several options to choose from. Among the best known brands are the Saeshin brand and the Marathon brand, both with high quality models and excellent performance.

The Strong model by Saeshin is a professional micromotor of great power, ideal for smoothing and removing gel and acrylic. Thanks to its high rotation speed, this micromotor offers precise and fast results, without losing power over time.

Marathon's Champion model is another top quality professional micromotor, with a wide range of advanced features and functions. Thanks to its solid structure and its ergonomics, the Champion model is the ideal choice for nail care and the removal of gels, calluses and calluses.

In addition to the Strong and Champion models, both Saeshin and Marathon offer a wide selection of high quality router bits and router bits, designed to ensure maximum precision and durability. With their durable construction and high performance, these burr bits are the ideal choice for nail care professionals.

We are proud to offer a wide range of professional micromotors and nail care equipment at affordable prices. Buy now your high quality professional micromotor and burr tips for precise and lasting results in nail care.

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